Marvin Mayo - Your Sanctuary, But It's Mine Now. (Prod. by Lee)

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Said give me some sort of sign from this

Deja vu just ain’t enough, when dreams come true but it aint what I thought

My fault, my bad I was off somewhere getting high, I lost my head anyway and you don’t do these kind of drugs

I’ll find a way to stay awake thru out the night, and you act so innocent all the time.

Maybe I can find a better way to spend my time It’s like I’ve broken every promise I’ve made,

So what if I do as I may

And here I am what should’ve been

Leave with me and see the sun rise, tempted by getting high, but maybe I can find a better way to spend my time

I’ve been looking for some sort of sign from this

Someplace out of this depression that I’ve found myself in

But when I see the stars I realize my problems aren’t problems at all look,

Maybe it’s all in my head, a new perspective would be a breath of fresh air saying

“Finally it’s a new day, yeah I’d find my way to disappear”

I thought I’d find a new way for everyone I grew up with

Should admit I’m wrong and say I’m sorry to everyone who I couldn’t forgive

To everyone who I did forget, to everyone who I didn’t yet I take this hit and reminisce, the taste of its magnificent

Should say I never really had enough this time

Could say I’ve never had enough at all

Would say, I should’ve never tried; could’ve never lied to you tho

For the rest of this night and for the rest of my life

Said you don’t deserve this; I’m always on the run always searching for something more said never was I comfortable yet my anxiety has me thinking depression is like being haunted by ghosts

You outta live this one out this time

You outta ride this one out this time

You outta live this one out this time

Better off getting high I said It’s no sanctuary now, I guess

There’s no sanctuary now, I guess

There’s no sanctuary where I’ve been

And all this time I go against my own crown inside my reflection

The smoke in the room got me

Finally feeling comfortable, be -

The reason I can fall asleep I don’t mind, your demons and mine can get together and we’ll be fine

© 2019 Good Villain [CC]

Produced by Lee

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2019.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2019.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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