Marvin Mayo - Was Just a Problem Dog

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from the album "Are No Stars After All"

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Ay sometimes you gotta do what you outta I ain’t judging you for nothing but you can’t always do what you want to cuz I’m always causing trouble and making things harder I don’t mean it I don’t really think before I say shit I usually only say it than take the consequences that karma pay me said that kid he had it coming till the devil come and get us and the angel that was with him, good fucking riddance

Said to me that you only take what you need when you need it but for some reason I don’t believe it it’s not what you say it’s how you say it, should really come down to earth sometime to get clear minded swear you should really try it, you might like it

maybe trouble won’t always find you But I’ve never really minded I have the perfect timing for the worst timing but it’s good to depend on something, even if it’s only my bad luck i’ve got and a blunt of marijuana just for when I get home, but hey I’m right there with you, I’m just a call away and maybe a 20 minute drive, but I’ll be on the way - swear there never was a day I said I wouldn’t be there for you tho you only call me when you need something - I got use to doing favors for you Should just roll some papers a little smoke for later would be great but hey i’m use to smoking everything what’s good a little more i take it you ain’t save a thing only thought of yourself they told me practical and predictable just like you, i could always count on that shit said

Look at you, bullshitting your way out of everything like you usually do maybe I should give you some sort of credit or congratulations like you would want me to Mr. “Im only going to say whatever that you want to hear” because you’re a natural swear you’ll go far, kid.

How do you gon do what you want all the time when some people ain’t got it as good and you’re doing fine - that’s just your fucking problem you never see the other side - For once Jesus died for me and god forgave me for everything god forgive me for losing faith with a gift of lying you will find the truth in anything, be careful not to start believing your own lies kid it’s a dangerous game you play, you might as well bet your life the next move you make thought he would die the hero but instead he became the villain i wouldn’t

blame him if people change than maybe god can save him or maybe that’s an ambitious statement just a prayer that will end up being wasted anyways tho it was a good thought - somewhat of a simple farewell, was good to see you off and i’ll be there as well yeah right

Some of us ain’t as lucky as you, with a gift of lying I’d think anything would come natural, and they probably do but what about when you have to be truthful? And karma comes back for you? and everybody you know will only become collateral - like you had to choose

sure, tragic but i am Was just a problem dog, but I’m no good at solving anybody else’s problems would say I’m sorry, my apologies was probably just my karma, my b. from here on, I’ll only say whatever that you want hear, word you got it.

said i usually go all out, but i was just trying to be honest for once, but everything’s alright if i’m just being honest got a long way to go it seems, but i’m so use to stealing everything so what i never ever thought bout anybody but myself goddamn millennials

would lie dog lie, was just a problem dog was lost dog, lost - and than I took the shot then they was gone dog, gone - thought you knew was right nah dog, nah You outta live this out

You know I did this all for you - than i took the shot, yeah you outta live this out - forget but don’t forgive yeah right

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