Marvin Mayo - Transpose (Prod by KBRZBEATS)

Updated: Mar 12

Marvin Mayo - Transpose (Prod. by KBRZBEATS)

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Look I have to work for minimum wage

Give me a week to get paid said I’m waiting on my pay check than maybe we can go to payless and find something that ain’t too expensive

Everybody is worried about making a living that they’re actually forgetting about living look,

Everyday, everything gets a little easier just give it some time

Sometimes I feel I’m in heaven in my dreams I think I can decipher the message last night was faint but I think I got it

Said I get that same feeling when I listen to instrumentals and god be with me, most times I don’t

Said next thing you know a few years have gone by I think that

Maybe I should get straight and find a easier route, Instead of always tryna blaze a new path then finding I went the wrong way, said

For once I should think a little ahead I’m scared to look back and say;

"Back when I had the world I let time go" everyday I got a little better or everyday I got a little worse I’ll always do what I have to do

Said for you I’d do anything; But I still got a few things that I can take

Said maybe we should take some shrooms and elevate and realize it’s just a different shade of blue for you and I and if I can see your point of view, I probably could but are you willing to see mine? You probably wouldn’t they told me

Hey kid everything is out there waiting for you to go out and take it but you have to go out and earn it see nothing in this world is perfect

But everything is out there waiting, I should thank my guardian angels

Life is always going to transpose no matter how much or if I do

No more waiting for the right time I would change the world if I could

Hope that everything’s going to be okay but I don’t even know how to do that

Said life is always going to have to transpose no matter however it transpires I am always on the quest to know more

So go on

Doesn’t matter either heads or tails

But you have to call it while it’s in the air

Said the same thing goes for everybody

Count your blessings place your bets

For you I’d do anything

Seeing if you could call my bluff

Inside the dark to get you out

Or maybe it’s the other way around said

Said maybe I can do this while you go and do that

You’re still hoping I’ve changed into someone who’s better

Maybe I could with you as my inspiration I don’t want to come to the conclusion that I gotta be cautious where I step, said

Unpredictable but this world still loves you unconditionally- it’s just the people that we think we know

Yeah my bad I didn’t realize it was broke

Said yeah whatever you’re just trying not to do more said

Go on not everything revolves around you Just some bad habits and some ganja

Last I heard from you was good

Smell like weed wherever I go

Smoke with everyone that I know

Use to looking at the bright side

Everything has a lesson

Everything has a meaning

It’s just a change of perspective

So how do you see things?

© 2019 Good Villain [CC]

Produced by KBRZBEATS

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2019.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2019.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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