Marvin Mayo - Somersault

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from the album "Are No Stars After All"

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you can make it in a week saying yeah we straight, you can bring it in to me baby yeah we straight you can make it in a week sayin nah we straight baby split it how you think

said we make this flip, ay whenever i’m with you is a way to progress, and i’ve been much worse swear i can make this work this dirty scale here outta stretch no matter what this earn it doesn’t matter what i get saying yeah you're fine but this place ain’t worth your time yeah you're good but this city ain’t yours said go head and waste your time but this city isn’t yours said all you do is let go is a perfect light for you

sayin yeah we was but this time i got some more sayin nah we was but tonight we’ll know for sure sayin yeah it was but tonight i’ll go for broke sayin yeah we was but you know i got one more

said go head and make a flip, baby said you would make it quick ain’t you everything you get make it double make it flip make it rotate make it stretch make a move than play again let me get your number down tho i never knew what to say

every time you come around every time i call it’s late if we do another round maybe you won’t need the chaser said you can do it now or save it all for later i ain’t trippin much for nothing and my tolerance does me no favors

yeah what’s good let me make a run to you ay what’s good let me get something from you you know i’m good let me bring this out to you ay its all good i brought something around for you

ay what’s good was going to see if you wanna burn you know i got some good i’ll roll it up when you roll thru said go ahead and watch it flip baby everything we take is all apart of this saying we can take a break any night that we’d like some rest or we can take a hit any time that we wish said i would make it flip cuz we gotta pay bills tho everything i did said its got a good feel tho i’d do it all again

said i went and made a flip lately make this paper quick baby everything i get i make it double and make it flip make it rotate make it stretch make a move than play again

no i never got no time but i’ll be waiting for your call said know i’m coming down if i hadn’t had some more so go ahead and place a call than we’ll be good to go swear we would all take our time if we were out there on that road so go ahead and take your time ill take mine and we’ll all be fine you know

nah it’s cool ima lay low for a second ain’t worried much for nothing maybe another joint in a second yeah you're good you can match whatever saying you know we smoking good more than what is necessary, look.

i need to lay low for a moment maybe we can take things slow for a moment you know i’ll have to go in the morning but we can take some more

nah you right i’ll meet you there in ten you called the other night and i couldn’t make it then sayin yeah you know i can bring it on in to you get it if you want just tell me what you into

been flipping been getting much higher than i’ve ever been all that i get reinvest and let it build everything anything tell me what you want to feel anything this city bring is just between me and you

best get ready this is a big drop sayin best get ready this is hour after hour baby best get ready this is a big fall sayin best get ready i’ll be up until tomorrow

© 2020 Good Villain

Produced by Marvin Mayo

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2018.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2019.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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© 2020 Good Villain