Marvin Mayo - Kurt Kobain (Originally by Kanye West)

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wish i could take it back,

wish i could say that i'm sorry for the way that i was way back,

can't change that. said you've shown your true colors, maybe you should - you know you outta shine bright

i've always admired the energy you portrayed, the way i did the same was like we instantly relate

this time i'll take for granted, notice i ain't change for anything - you can see me when you can

i would lie and say it's alright, i've always had an escape route

i've always known the way out, i've always known the way down.

look at my friends said who can begin,

said here i am instead, said who should relate?

aint no one here i'd rather put in my place

said every one i knew once went a different way

said every one i knew i put to use in my favor

said everything i knew said 'you'd do this for some paper'

i aint seen you in a while, still are you even the same person?

we change but we aint change that much, huh.

said who are you fooling? said where will you move to?

lying was your strong suit - till it wasn't

said "tomorrow i'd wake up different; if tomorrow i'd see things differently"

said 'tomorrow i'd probably still be high'

sorry that i could never find the time for you' - that explains my life, really.

had a different excuse to go and do what i do

said 'way to tell my lie, was never a really good liar afterall'

that's what i wanted you to think; i didn't know how much you'd mean to me lie and say it's alright,

i'd find the words that were right these are what they seem to be,

seems good enough to me

this the time of night i probably won't get any higher

maybe i should call it quits and save it for another time

said you never needed an excuse to do what you do

i'm always around if you've seemed to lost you

said what would i be if i didn't say i love you too?

but i'd lie to you and me about something you know is true

said where would i be if i didn't know you?

lie and say it's alright, only been looking for you all night.

said look at my friends, said where to say thanks?

to be there when i needed with how selfish i am;

said if this is the last letter i could ever get out

i should've let you known that i would never get things right, i am.


gets to me

let it ring,

what you need?

at that weight,

maybe say


get at me

look at the way i made for myself i've been-

running all the way down for something, was nothing.

"this the last of my kamel red - can i bum a light, sir?

must've left my lighter someplace else or in my car. see tonights been - excuse me, i'm a little off

been smoking a lot of weed and i'm a little drunk"

said something about the night i probably won't remember tomorrow

meant for better things and this is where we are, coincidentally

theres gotta be a beginning behind every single star

said 'it doesn't matter to me we'll never know just what they are"

said "maybe you should see things differently from here on,

do things right instead of write them in some songs"

this the time of night i probably won't get any higher

this the time that i should probably quit trying

you never needed an excuse to do what you do

said you always put you first no matter who you put to use said

'we can never reach the real reason behind anything'

said 'everything that we see is just a theory of make believe'

said 'everything we seeing is exactly how it's meant to be, or maybe this was all put together accidentally'

who knew i would want to take things back,

said things we've had will never be that good again

look at my friends; how can i ever say thanks?

i wouldn't know where to begin.

all of the sudden, i let love kill me.

© 2019 Good Villain [CC]

Originally by Kanye West

Lyrics inspired by "Kurt Kobain" by Proof

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2019.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2019.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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