Marvin Mayo - Goldstream 4AM

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from the album "Are No Stars After All"

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excuse me i could use a little direction

i was wondering if you can help me and point me to the nearest dispensary

i’d greatly appreciate it, i could reciprocate the favor

you can rest assured i bet everything is good

and if i see you later i’d have a reason to thank you

now go and be an angel and go someplace and stay there

said you can pretend you have a halo, i’m just going to lay low

you know i’d never change tho, just do just as i'd say so, ay.

pick your poison whatever you think is worth it; everything i touch is golden

eventually ends up burning said you’d think of me when you feel hopeless

i’d think of you when i feel broken and got no where else to go to

said fuck it you know i’m no good

so everything turns to poison

around you but it’s all good

said you never seemed to notice

just been goin with the flow,

so sad to see you thru those motions

use to see you so often, now i really don’t know you -

probably still toxic

could’ve swore you was a star,

saw you falling from the sky

goldstream at 4 am,

saw you falling from the stars

said that’s only what you thought,

but your logics a little off for opportunity you gotta watch

i got no time to ever stop cuz once that time is lost that time is always gone

so tell me and be honest is this everything you’ve wanted?

since this is all we got remember anything else

tell me your opinion on what life has to offer

don’t know what you’ve gone thru

but that’s just what we got to

somewhere i thought i lost you,

than i thought its all good, ay

don’t wait for better options say what’s in your heart than

don’t give a fuck for nothing said to make your own luck than

make something out of nothing, if no one calls your bluff than

watch em take it all, go head and make your money

said i don’t wait

take a break take apart my head

everything i’ve said has different meanings anyway

so wait take a break

take apart your head

everything you’ve said has different meanings anyway

could’ve swore you was a saint,

but i led you down this way

goldstream at 4 am,

yeah here i am instead

wondering why i’m still awake

tolerance thru the fucking roof

and you wonder why i take as much as i usually do?

you wonder why i play like i don’t have enough to lose

said fuck it i don’t worry for you that’s nothing new

said go and be an angel and go someplace and stay there

said i thought you was the devil so i left you there to get well

thought you wasn’t waiting for no one

maybe i should keep goin

goldstream at 4am i’m glad i kept it movin - ay

© 2020 Good Villain

Produced by Marvin Mayo

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2020.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2020.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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© 2020 Good Villain