Marvin Mayo - Friends S10 E18

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from the album "Are No Stars After All"

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all i got to my name is a few months rent and somewhere i’ve lost my favorite pen i guess it’s best not to grow attachments

this time of day i’d usually be so high, yeah said lil marv, anakin skywalker, ill join the dark side some day, ay so sorry to fuck up your day, best regards.

goddamn i didn’t think i was so depressed till i quit my job last month now if i could only quit smoking cigarettes and quit smoking so much pot all at once, but nah. said yesterday i probably did smoke a little too much i don’t know what i can afford, but if you want to match come over, that’s that good shit that makes you want to quit smoking lately i don’t do much but get stoned, but it’s cool tho that was 2012 tho, maybe even 11. said i’d love to be apart of everything you rake in, but you live in a dream that i ain’t chasing this ain’t a tv show on some shitty channel said this ain’t a commercial and that ain’t paid advertisement this ain’t a tv show paid by a bunch of white people, we ain’t friends. this ain’t a tv show starring jennifer aniston

ain’t no “friends in high places” looking down on me unless they high with me i ain’t saying we ain’t friends but i trust no one else than the people that i don’t have to trust, truthfully, i don’t trust anyone that i have to trust, and if i don’t have to trust you, i can trust you. fuck with me, hold up everybody nobody do nothing different,

should’ve done the right thing, but i went and done the wrong thing today said i went and did the wrong thing, again said i went and took a left this time

damn, you setting up a camp? swear we just lit a blunt said where the fucks it at? i ain’t puff this bitch once, i ain’t trying to hear your life story while we’re trying to get high, man we all got it bad.

this time of day i’d usually be so high lil marv, anakin skywalker, ill join the dark side some day, ay.

best regards, life wasn’t much of what it was; but it can always get better said last i seen you was in school, never thought i’d see the day drugs did this to you shit i’m cool with just this weed, tho. see you and i both, we chill with different people last i heard from you, you was good. now you selling guns to dumbass fools, shits real.

this city ain’t much, but it could really get you what you want guess it really took you pretty far, said it must’ve took you pretty long. guess breaking bad was your favorite show, yeah i can see the influence there, nah, i can rarely tell.. but you know i’ve never even cared, some friend.

but all i’ll ever ask is, whatever happened to just some vodka and some chaser? and them days that was enough?

fuck you’re fucking up, but i guess i’m one to talk, huh?

© 2020 Good Villain

Produced by Marvin Mayo

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2019.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2019.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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