Marvin Mayo - Dope Sick

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from the album "Are No Stars After All"

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said last time i saw you was- tryna say something simple but i wasn’t really tryna hear it or wasn’t really feeling it.

lately i’ve been trying to change my mind to change my life or change my thoughts to try to change something

lately i’ve been trying to find me, trying to find peace of mind someplace else i can’t seem to find the shadow of my eye keeps pulling me back i can’t seem to find the reason these demons seem so attached

why does something always have to have some meaning to you? like it’s divine intervention or something why you hiding your intentions i wonder who are you influenced by and what for?

don’t lose momentum over dope sickness look at what you get into over and over again but that’s only what you said is it?

last time i didn’t see you at the party, but it didn’t really matter cuz i’ve already took the molly, or whatever that you call it and i’m feeling fantastic don’t really trust the dealers cuz their only about their money, ay.

but that was back in 2011, wish that i could take it back would’ve never let it take me over like it did, would’ve never fell in love and been the person that i am, it is what it is

but you really would bring the best of me out no more chemical imbalances or any more exctasy now it’s been a while since anybody’s figured me out said you bring me out into a different route

maybe i should hit up my family when i think of em a bit more often than lately that i’ve been doing tell my cousins i love em, and all my aunts and uncles all of my family and friends, should call em more often

don’t lose momentum over dope sickness look at what you get into over and over again

should’ve been there a little early but i’ve- had so much faith in you, but look at what’s changing you. said what the fuck came of you? got a lot to gain do you have nothing to lose?

but no matter what i’ll still be here for whatever reason you seem to think you need from me, was the only reason i’d ever really hear from you. see it my side, but you’ve never really seen it, did you?

and that’s when i learned there’s some people you got to steer clear from, i didn’t think you was one of em, guess i didn’t see it coming. always running in circles, i guess we have that in common, but hey i can always relate

said i thought you would go so far, but so long to that thought now, i guess. it’s not easy to watch you right your wrongs almost all the time, it seem. thought you was someone who you not, my apologies. but i learned from you what not to do, ay.

but here i am writing down goddamned lines again, is where i spend all my time again, ay. turn the tides, i guess, ay. this for all the nights i was

for whatever reason you’re dope sick again, you can really notice it this time, said i’d ask if you’re doing fine, but it seems you’re dope sick all the time, ay.

are no stars after all we find after we get high there are no problems after all

© 2020 Good Villain

Produced by Marvin Mayo

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2020.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2020.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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© 2020 Good Villain