Marvin Mayo - Devil Emoji

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from the album "Are No Stars After All"

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I should’ve left a little sooner my bad I’m running late again Said what else would you come to expect from me But I’m rushing as the usual, so jump on the bandwagon for a second let me inspire you to do bad things with me, I’ve always done things last minute, I’d procrastinate until I shouldn’t Fuck it, you must’ve known that by now Just look at the bullshit I’m in again and again

You said I was a good liar but I said I’m a really good liar, only get caught up when I want you to catch up - Said I’m only fucking with you just for a rush of adrenaline Said maybe we can kick it and argue over everything You shouldn’t have to prove anybody right, said you Should probably let up, you clearly won’t win against somebody like me Somethings won’t come as easily Let’s take a trip down memory lane, reevaluate and get my priorities straight said I suppose You know I love that kind of high I can really get lost in a feeling like this, I guess love’s a type of drug Of course you know I couldn’t resist But I’ll find inspiration with these drugs Said boy you’re shrooming again Pretty soon you’ll be seeing stars all the time; you’re so high maybe you should give it a break

I’m still 10 minutes behind like always Life is unpredictable, I’m sure - But maybe just for you said sarcastically You thought you had me for a while Everything will be gone by than And for the rest of the night, or at least for the rest of this song I still plan to be high, maybe for a while Said that heaven is, hell is, art is my interlude between two points; Maybe you’ve made your point, but I don’t listen anyway

Jump, hey everything is a-ok I’ve said that same cliche the other day Yeah that makes sense but it don’t make cents And maybe in a year or two you’ll be doing good and wishing that I could see you just to stir up a little jealousy, said that controversy was never boring to me, and maybe I deserve it. Devil emoji, Devil emoji. Send And we’ve said the same thing we’ve said 5 months ago I guess I can lie and say I’m someone different, I just asked you how you were doing, clearly this isn’t the time for your delusions You shouldn’t be so determined to prove everybody wrong Just do whatever you think to show that you really care because you already have, but I dont Said the same thing goes for game of thrones, nothing disappointed me more, I thought you were trying to make a valid point here, but eh.

Don’t rely on me, don’t rely on no one I’m still ten minutes behind but only because you need me You thought I’d be there by now We can always talk about this later said sarcastically impatient I should’ve been down already Damn, I should’ve came down already sorry to include you into my bad decisions You can wait for me to come down I suppose, You can wait for me to be sober I suppose

Think I’d be alright for the night, Come and save me from myself again save me from myself for what

Do I miss you yet? Tempting as it is to always say what you want, typical me. I guess the answer is no, but hey, was fun for a while; devil emoji, devil emoji, send.

© 2020 Good Villain

Produced by Marvin Mayo

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2019.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2019.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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© 2020 Good Villain