Marvin Mayo - And You Got That For Free. (Prod. by Lee)

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Should’ve thanked god for everything

My gaurdian angels do they thing

Probably should sing amazing grace

How do you live for Everyone else I should be more like you, but I’m still learning how to not only live for myself

And I should get going If I still plan to be there by twelve

Or maybe I won’t, maybe I’m lying

Maybe I care or maybe I don’t

Will I ever live right?

Do the things I see in my dreams

Will I ever live right?

Be everything that I could be

Will I ever live right and do these things eventually?

Well if you ever change your mind, I’ll be right here getting high

You already know that I’ll never be sober, yeah I’m still smoking

Bought some pre-rolls cuz I’m tired of rolling

Got some thc oil cuz I’m tired of smoking

But why do you always gotta move?

As a way to exert energy, I guess

Your judgement keeps me anxious, don’t it?

Nervous for no good fucking reason, I was

Trying to stay humble by learning patience

But you didn’t learn anything, you didn’t learn a thing did you?

You didn’t take anything from your mistakes, damn.

You’re an angel cuz you fell from heaven cuz you’re a devil and I’m a liar, so what if I set the world on fire for my amusement like I usually do yeah

Don’t mean much if 6 was 9

Or 9 was 6

But I’m not here to change your mind

Even when I lost my faith

Live for right now

You never know but you’re gonna find out that

There’s no better time than right now, you lost all that time trying to find yourself

Or maybe that’s just my excuse to let you go and keep on moving I saw this coming my life’s a movie

You’re just as predictable as you always were

And I’d follow you

To the light,

See heaven’s gates

Just to realize;

That I can’t get in.

Can I be much more

For the people I love, for the people I need

For the people who need me

Can I keep on going?

Can I keep my promises? I’m afraid it’ll cost my life and you got that for free

There ain’t no god here looking down,

And I don’t wish hell on no one

But I’m a devil and you’re a saint, tempting you to be bad as me.


Said it’s good cuz I’m still trying to figure out how to give you what you need

How do you live for

Everyone else I should be more like you, but I still only worry for myself

© 2019 Good Villain [CC]

Produced by Lee

Written by M. J. Mayo, 2019.

Recorded at The Bebop, 2019.

Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo

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